Sennenhund Estate

Питомник Больших Швейцарских Зенненхундов


Прогулка по руслу реки Пшада

Анапа 2019 

Mission Statement


To Provide a Quality Service


We believe Horserati can provide an invaluable service to Enhance your horses performance and well being. We are Dedicated, Passionate and Professional. A commitment to provide a quality service to your animal and guaranteed Satisfaction is what we emphasize. We are also very supportive when it comes to teaching new clients.




To Assist in Education


The mission of the Horserati Horse Club is to facilitate the education of our members and riding school students through the provision of opportunities to learn to ride, care for, and appreciate horses. Our Team at Horserati provides opportunities for students to compete against other clubs via participation in horse shows conducted under the auspices of American Equestrian Association and other committees and organizations.